• Team/league organization
  • After school enrichment programs
  • Waterfront management
  • Adult education
  • Facilities rentals
  • Special needs programming
  • Events planning (parties, fairs, races, etc.)


All primary staff are a minimum of 18 years of age. Anyone below that age threshold is in a supervised position and they are NOT included in the ratios for programming. This is a very unique characteristic of CRAFT.

Fee structure

The concern of many can be that when outsourcing recreational services, that the price of those services will increase. Generally the fees will remain consistent, unless the fee structure is so far below what is sustainable that it is why the program is struggling in the first place.

A complete price-assessment is done prior to entering into an agreement so that the municipality can approve the fee schedule.

Financial Assistance

It is extremely important to our organization that every resident has access to recreational activities, regardless of their economic position. The CRAFT model provides support for anyone who has a demonstrated need for assistance


CRAFT is an extremely “inclusive” organization that works closely with the other local public agencies as well as private organizations; the most important of these is the local school system. The superintendent, school committee and heads of PTO/PTAs are brought into the dialogue with the understanding that their feedback is critical to developing the program.


Some recreation programs oversee responsibilities that would not ordinarily be defined as falling under a recreation purview and many of those responsibilities can be handled within our model.

No two towns are exactly alike and CRAFT is a malleable system that responds to the needs of each community individually.