Community Recreation Association For Towns

The purpose of a recreation program is to provide extracurricular services for kids and adults alike. Whether it is team sports, a painting class, afterschool enrichment programs, etc., having access to activities that are pure fun is critical to the well-being of everyone.

Unfortunately the reality is that tight budgetary constraints are typically a part of the municipal fabric.Recreation services can often be an area where it is felt. During difficult times, either services are decreased or monies from the communal tax-base need to be infused into the department. Either way, this type of a scenario is not ideal nor should it be the norm.

CRAFT was created to assist communities that struggle with the costs of providing recreational services for their residents and ease the headaches that often accompany overseeing those departments. The CRAFT model is one of exceptional efficiencies that have been used in a number of other programs and provide the services that residents want along with the savings they would expect.

CRAFT is an incorporated organization that is part of the Marcus Lewis network of enterprises (www.marcuslewisenterprises.com).